Training System

You Can Do This
We’ve created a training system with similar levels to that of martial arts, but instead of preparing you for combat, this system will prepare the BC adventurist for the outdoor playground we live in.

Whether you hike, run, shred, launch, rip, climb or paddle our training system will enable you to squeeze every last drop of fun out of your adventures for many years to come.

Combining a progressive curriculum of exercises and techniques with our philosophy will give direction and focus to your training. Each level has specific standards that must be met before advancing. We begin by laying the foundation for strength by restoring the body’s healthy movement and joint range of motion. Then we build strength and stamina, propelling you further and further toward your fitness goals in every level.

The Fundamentals

Level 1

This is your home base. Here we focus on preparing the joints and muscles for the movement ahead, opening up restrictions in some areas while taking out the slack in others. Our goal is to restore the body’s’ ability to move with freedom. The Level 1 focuses on building a connection to your body and gaining confidence in the gym thru learning the primary patterns that lead to success. This is a highly cognitive stage as we leave the gym machines behind and learn how to move and control the body in open space. Starting here will lay the foundation for strength and returning here from the higher level classes will help forge the basics and break through plateaus.

Level 2

This level is all about training the basics you learned in Level 1. We build a foundation of strength and endurance on top of the fundamentals. This is where you’ll feel the greatest degree of development. Once you have habitualized the fundamental techniques and movement patterns, every class can begin to feel like a complete game changer. This is usually when people begin to fall in love with training.

Training for Life
Training for Confidence 

Level 3

This is commonly the time where people find they develop the greatest consistency with their performance. An underlying confidence starts to grow, your body feels strong and athletic and months of consistency develop into a lifelong practise. This is the foundation that allows us to start pushing the intensity. Regardless of age, previous injury or other life commitments, this is an excellent level for everyone to aim for.

Level 4

Level 4 training is when athleticism really takes centre stage. The Olympic lifts becomes a large focus in order to continue building strength yet remain athletic. Conditioning, strength and power are all required benchmarks so being well-rounded is key. Clients at this level will have a very high ability “to pick up and play”. This is also the final level where exercises are added, so graduating from this level means you will know the entire curriculum of the EP training system.

Training to Win
Training for Mastery

Level 5

This is the ‘’black belt’’ of the EP training system. Level 5 students are training to attain high degree of smoothness. At this stage further gains are achieved through the subtle refinements of higher efficiency, greater fluidity and a stronger understanding of technique. As a Level 5 you begin to narrow your focus. This is the stage where students begin a journey toward teacher. Even if they do not become teachers to others, they rely less on coaches and more on their own understanding of their bodies and the technique.