Movement Therapy

Movement Therapy

Through years of coaching in the gym we came to realize that there was a missing link along the continuum of rehab to performance. Our Movement Therapy sessions fill this gap. In these 1:1 sessions we’ve combined a special interest in recapturing the body’s healthy movement with years of professional development in the field of movement assessments and corresponding corrective exercises.

Our movement therapy sessions will breakdown and identify movement dysfunctions so we can build a specific corrective exercise routine for individual needs. The following sessions are then centered around coaching individuals through their routine with the goal of regaining healthy movement.

“Movement therapy clients often come to us from other clinicians who recognize that combining movement and manual therapy bring the greatest benefits to the client.”

Current clients may also choose to book Movement Therapy sessions at any point for a re-assessment, coaching on a specific exercise they may be struggling with, or even discussing healthy nutrition and goal tracking. Therefore these dedicated sessions can be used for spending time with a coach in order to help you optimize and fully incorporate the changes you wish to see in your overall health and fitness.

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