EP Online

Reach Your Goals: From Anywhere!

We revolutionized small group training with our leveled training system. Now we’re bringing it online!! Start at level 1 and work your way up the ladder, unlocking your potential each step of the way.


Our online training platform allows you to access your training programs with video demos, track your progress, communicate on the team feed and submit videos for coaches review.


Whether you’re afraid of losing all your momentum in quarantine or you just want to use this time to work on you, our bodyweight & strength training programs will keep you challenged and engaged!

Live Classes

We’re very excited to host live workouts through Zoom:
7am // 11.30am // 6.30pm

Connecting with your EP family and having a committed time to train are two cornerstones of why members are successful at EP. 


Through our Team Buildr app, you’re able to work out anytime and still gain the benefits of accountability and feedback through our coaches.

You can submit videos of your workouts for our coaches to review and give feedback, all through the app.


Body Weight Training ($75/month)


Training predominantly with bodyweight is not to be scoffed at! You don’t need to jump straight to high-intensity work and you don’t need to do high rep ranges to incur a positive adaptation. There are fundamentals at play here. You must master those first.

Can you create pillars? Do you know how to mechanically match your breathing? Do you know how to root your feet or pack your shoulders? Can you move through your hips without distorting the shape of your spine?

There’s never been a better time to master these basics. Even if you think you’re above it, we recommend using this time to sharpen this skill set. You can never get too good at the fundamentals.

Our online training platform puts personalized feedback at the center stage so that you can learn the nuances of movement practice. You start with a private movement assessment to get individualized exercises targeted at optimizing your specific body. Once your training starts you can either submit videos for coaches review within the app or you can join a live class with an EP coach keeping a close eye and offering feedback.

Come out of quarantine moving and feeling the best you ever have.

Other Ways to support EP

Friday night restorative – 7pm live stream by donation

Buy a supporters tee!! There are 4 styles and a few color options ($40 includes delivery within Vancouver)

Gift some fitness!! We’re all going stir crazy at home. If you have a friend or family member who’s struggling, consider gifting them some online training. You choose how much!



All of this combined makes EP Online the most comprehensive online training program available. Sign up below. We can’t wait to see you on the team feed!!


Our training app combined with our online classes has connected our #EPfamily more than ever. Our community now opens our arms for you to join.


What are you waiting for?