EP Member Protocol


  • Please perform a Covid-19 self-assessment prior to leaving the house and do not come to the gym should you have any symptoms (there is no time limit when you can cancel your reservation)
  • Come dressed for the workout to avoid a bathroom lineup
  • Arrive a few minutes early and wait outside the gym; the coach will let you in
  • Put on your mask before entering the gym
  • As you enter, you’ll be asked to sanitize or wash your hands
  • The coach will have an area set up for you and will let you in when they are ready (you will see your name on the whiteboard at the front)
  • Leave your shoes by the door and take any belongings to keep in your assigned area; if you are registered for the garage workout, you can leave your belongings on the benches
  • You are to remain in your assigned space for the duration of your session
  • To access the washroom, follow the taped path along the periphery of the gym and make sure no one is in there already
  • Sanitize any equipment/surfaces that you touch with the provided spray bottles. 
  • The coach will coordinate the order of people leaving to avoid a bottleneck at the door

COVID-19 Response Overview

The team at Enhanced Performance (EP) has implemented COVID-19 safety protocols and changed how we approach training sessions so that our clients can continue to enjoy quality training in a safe environment. We have reduced the number of people (clients and coaches) that are allowed in the space by 77%, to the maximum of 6 people, to assure physical distance is easily achievable. We have broken our gym space into 5 training areas, each containing everything the member needs for their training session. The previously three in-gym training sessions have now been divided into one in-gym, one in-garage, one at-home session to minimize the frequency of interactions among clients. Our programming for the gym based training session has also been designed with careful consideration to minimize any increase in respiratory rate (members do more cardiovascular work during an outdoor or at home training session). Below are the changes and requirements we have implemented as a response to COVID-19.

Requirements for Clients

For in-gym sessions, all clients are required to book their session ahead of time (the maximum number of people training in one session is indicated in ZenPlanner) and perform Covid-19 self-assessment prior to arriving to the gym. We have removed a time limit for cancelling reservations without any penalty. As clients arrive for their training session, they are required to put on their mask (which will be worn at all times during the gym) and enter one by one, remove their shoes, sanitize their hands. Clients will be shown to their designated area for the workout; all of the client’s belongings can be placed in the same area. Green lines have been placed on the floor to indicate workout areas as well as corridor areas to follow to the exit and bathroom. Clients that are registered for garage workout will be escorted by the coach and given the equipment on the way to the garage. At the end of the session, each client is required to sanitize all the equipment and any touched surfaces with the solution provided ((60:40 of IPA:H20). Clients from garage session leave their equipment for the coach to sanitize and put away. Clients are required to bring their own water bottle and towels (towels are no longer provided for personal use). 

Cleaning and Safety Procedures

All coaches are required to perform Covid-19 self-assessment prior to arrival to the gym and initial they have done so upon arrival. Each coach for the session assigns the area for each client and later records each client’s workout location should that information be needed to estimate the likelihood of transmission. Dehumidifiers and HVAC systems are required to be active during any session. Entrance and side door would also be open for extra air flow. Coaches are required to wear a mask when inside the gym. 

After each session, the coach is required to sanitize any area deemed necessary (high touch traffic areas (door handles, benches, etc) and clean the floors during the 30 minute window between sessions. Surfaces in the bathroom are also sanitized after coaching sessions and reusable towels have been switched to single use paper towels. 

Here is a video of our procedures we sent to our members 5 months ago. Since then we have required masks to be worn and changed our cleaning solution from bleach to alcohol.

Training Space

Below are two pictures of the training space, one showing the air flow and the other showing a closer look at the training zones:

screen-shot-2020-12-13-at-3-29-53-pm   screen-shot-2020-12-13-at-3-30-01-pm