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By the time he was 15, Cian qualified to represent his country of Ireland at the 2002 youth Olympics for road cycling. The event was being held in Paris, France and Cian decided, before leaving home, that he was determined to see the Eiffel Tower. So once arrived, with a map of the city and Instructions for the Metro from his dad, he prepared to set off for his journey. Word having gotten out to the rest of the Irish team, suddenly a contingency including everyone from his cycling mates to the entire cycling confederacy of Ireland wanted to come along. True to who Cian is today he confidently led them all through the streets and Metro stations of Paris and eventually led his entire team to the Eiffel Tower. On account of this exceptional leadership, the day ended with the Irish Olympic Committee awarding Cian to bear the Irish flag at the opening ceremonies. This story sums up Cian Lanigan beautifully: a man who is humble, curious, and fearlessly in pursuit of his goals!

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Lynne is a former Age Group National Team member, Varsity Cross Country Athlete and converted BC Mountain Biker and Yoga enthusiast. For Lynne, training and moving her body has always been a part of who she is and how she interacts with the world. She believes that those who move and play, learn skills beyond the gym that translate to happiness and personal connectedness.

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Brittany is a lifelong Vancouverite and grew up in an active home with a love for the outdoors. Movement has always been an integral part of her lifestyle and she has dabbled in a plethora of athletic endeavors. Some highlights along her movement journey include: 15 years of classical ballet training, playing club volleyball, playing collegiate badminton, being on the varsity cheer/stunt team, and being a member of the CFL BC Lions dance team.

Brittany has a profound appreciation for the physical literacy she has accumulated, and how it’s enabled her to participate in life to the fullest. Jumping into a beach rugby game with a bunch of strangers in New Zealand, even though she’s never played before? You bet. Despite not knowing the rules of the game, showing up to college badminton tryouts, without a racquet or court shoes, because “it’s the only sport that has open tryouts”, and (somehow) making the team? Yes again.

Brittany’s love for movement channeled her towards pursuing higher education at UBC in the form of a Human Kinetics degree. Upon completion in 2011, she struggled to find footing in a fitness industry that generally utilizes the end result, rather than the journey, as the primary motivator. Brittany has since found a home at EP where the principles of using movement to ameliorate ones quality of life are rooted in the philosophy: Move. Feel. Live. Better.

In her spare time Brittany can be found enjoying a craft beer and book in her hammock, playing beach volleyball, cycle touring or backcountry backpacking with friends, or dancing enthusiastically anywhere to music only she can hear.



Born and raised in sunny Perth, Western Australia, Kara has been working in the health & fitness industry since 2009.  Being both artistic and sporty, Kara loved how both these interests generated the same great feelings of joy and grounding in her body.  Whatever she did with her life, Kara knew she wanted to spend her days sharing this with those around her. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences (Public Health and Human Movement) in 2007, Kara initially started out as a project manager in the Public Health sector.  This job was a great start to the working world but confirmed her loathing of desk work and her love of movement and the great outdoors.

Fast forward 7 years and lots of travelling, and Kara is now a resident of Vancouver and has been one of EP’s ‘OG’ coaches since 2016.  She also owns her own mobile personal training business, CoachKara, and is a qualified yoga instructor.  Kara prides herself on being kind, approachable and a total goofball, and understands what it can be like to try something new in a group full of strangers, particularly in an often male-dominated arena.  While coaching, Kara aims to encourage people to enjoy the learning process and the time it takes in making movement a part of one’s daily life.  We’re here for a long time, so make it a good time!  Kara’s biggest piece of advice for the gym?  Don’t eat a can of baked beans before testing a max deadlift!

(BSc, FMS 1, Yoga Instructor)


Born and raised in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Tatiana settled in Vancouver during her teenage years. For most of her life, Tatiana focused on her inner geek and studied Cell Biology & Genetics and German literature during her BSc at UBC, writing a thesis on raspberry varieties. She continued her geeky path working as a chemist and scientist in labs testing cannabis products, meat and drinking water for pesticides and toxins.

Despite (or rather alongside) her nerdy beginnings, in 2010 Tatiana started exploring ways of moving her body and gained exposure to yoga, onstage performance, various dance styles, and sword fighting. But in 2016 she started training at Enhanced Performance and began to understand what strength training could do to support every other part of her active life. Training with EP was a huge turning point in her life and career, and in 2019 she took a three day Enhanced Performance Certification course, became a certified CanFitPro Personal Trainer and joined the EP coaching team.

Tatiana believes that getting stronger should be fun, and that a supportive team and positive culture is the best way to learn how to challenge yourself. Tatiana identifies as queer and strives to make her classes open and inviting to all. She continues to be a regular at the gym when she’s not coaching her groups to lift and laugh, and is the proud cat-mom of an aged, but fluffy, ragdoll kitty.

(BSc, CanFitPro PTS)


Hailing from New Zealand, Nick’s background is in Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Animal Flow and Pole Dancing. Surprisingly, Nick’s journey into strength and movement was an unconventional one. Throughout school he was the enthusiastic kid who loved to play sports; however, never excelled. Uncoordinated, out of shape and undisciplined – he was always the last pick for any game. Then at age 15, he found refuge elsewhere: music.

Uncoordinated, tone-deaf and not an ounce of rhythm in his body, Nick developed an obsession with music which led him to study Jazz at university. However, keeping up with his peers (who had been learning since early childhood) required countless hours of practice, brute force and determination. Over time those hours took a heavy toll on his body. He was even more out of shape, constantly ill and ended up with nerve issues in his arm that prevented him from playing. It became apparent to Nick that he needed to start listening to and looking after his body.

In looking for change, Nick stumbled into Crossfit where he quickly became obsessed and pushed as hard as he could. And in a very Nick Bosman fashion – through brute force and determination – he began to excel, then compete, and then become a coach. He continually seeks ongoing education, attaches himself to experienced mentors and learns from a hands-on approach to be the best coach he can.

Through his learning he managed to nurse his arm back to a place where he was able to play music again. A long way from that uncoordinated, out of shape and undisciplined kid – he is here and in love with the family at Enhanced Performance. His dedication to movement is growing exponentially and he is a proud member of the team.

(BMus, NSCA – CPT, FMS 1, Crossfit 1, Animal Flow 1)


Harry was born in Tuscany, Italy but raised in the south of England on a diet of rugby and martial arts. At 18, after graduating from music school, Harry left to travel the eastern hemisphere on a one way ticket. Living in Thailand, he trained and studied Muay Thai. The following year, he moved to New Zealand to explore the worlds of Freerunning and Parkour. Unfortunately, he suffered a spinal injury to his S1 vertebra, meaning he had to return to the UK to start treatment. Unknown to him at the time, this would be the catalyst towards wanting to help people with their own bodies, injuries and journeys back to strength and health.

Since 2013, Harry has been working as a skills coach at an elite UK strength and conditioning facility, Locker 27, a period that he considers to be an invaluable investment in his own education. Working with national calibre olympic weightlifters, combat athletes, stunt performers and the regular everyday British people, Harry has a unique edge to his coaching style and experience, and loves the puzzle of strengthening various types of bodies.

After travelling around the world to see a solid 30 countries, Harry now resides in Vancouver – a conscious decision to break the spell of comfort he was experiencing in the UK. Believing in the power of choosing the right environment to act as a stimulant towards enhancing one’s own education, he has chosen to focus on his ability to help others push their bodies to the next level through strength and conditioning.

Harry currently competes in Brazilian JiuJitsu as a purple belt, has a passion for fast motorcycles and loves to snowboard when powder permits.

(Edexcel Gym Instructor, Active IQ Personal Trainer, Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher)


Born in Vancouver, Sasa was raised on watching the Vancouver Grizzlies. After eight years of playing basketball, he switched gears and played five years of football. Having fallen in love with the sport, he continued to volunteer as a coach for eight years at his high school after graduation. He then chose to study kinesiology at Simon Fraser University and will be completing his degree in 2019.

Sasa has always had a passion for how the body moves and a desire to help people move well and pain-free, so when he started at Enhanced Performance as a student co-op, he immediately felt at home. Sasa enjoys applying the EP Training System, not only at Enhanced Performance as a coach, but also to his own training where he quickly discovered his programming was lacking in many fundamental principles. Once he started working with the excellent coaching staff at EP, he promptly filled the gaps in his program and became obsessed with improving all aspects of movement. He hopes his enthusiasm will encourage and support others on their journey as well.

Working with individuals of all ages, from children to adults, has helped Sasa develop his coaching style. When he is not coaching in the gym, Sasa works with children and youth around Vancouver, teaching them the importance of physical activity and helping them learn how to use their bodies confidently in an exercise setting.

Sasa is proud to be part of the Enhanced Performance Team and is excited work with the coaching staff to provide a safe space for everyone to work on improving themselves, together.