Our clients are constantly surprising us with their kind words and loyalty. Take a look at what they have to say…

When I first came to Lynne and Cian 2 years ago I couldn’t stand, walk or run without pain. Jumping was a scary thought. I have flexible flat feet and had been wearing orthopaedic insoles since I was 12 years old, I was completely dependant on them. So when Lynne suggested I work out bare foot I was more than just hesitant. I’d been seeing a foot specialist practically my whole life saying, “don’t take these insoles off, it will continue to damage your knees and hips if you do.” But I took off my shoes, and in time my arches stopped collapsing during squats, my horizontal lunges stopped hurting my knees and now I can jump run and play! Not only are my feet, knees and hips happy, my heart is happy. We are a family at enhanced performance, an active, healthy happy family.

- Gabrille P.

I was very skeptical about joining Enhanced Performance because I thought it would be like most gyms: where you get pushed against a certain ideal of how you should be and motivation comes from somebody yelling at you. From the first class everyone was smiling and friendly. Non-stop smiles all the way! Everyone celebrated what I my improvements and achievements. And I realised that Enhanced Performance was motivating me to compete with myself instead of anyone else, through a very supportive team who encourages me in my advances and shows me what I can become rather than pointing out my failures. Instead of not being good enough, the EP family show me both that I’m enough, and that I can be better. And as a burlesque performer, I’ve really noticed that I’m feeling stronger and more confident when I’m naked on stage!

- Tatiana P.

I came from a Crossfit background, and I noticed the trainers there weren’t great at watching for bad form so I decided to pursue my training at home. I still knew that I wasn’t doing certain exercises correctly and wanted to find someone to show me the right form, and Enhanced Performance came with good recommendations. From the very start, I was impressed with how the coaches gave out personalised corrective exercises and organized the classes into levels to graduate into as our abilities improved. I really wanted a coach that would care about good form, and EP takes the time to watch and give individual corrections and explain what an exercise should feel like. When I started with EP, all I wanted was a coach that cared. Now they’re helping me work towards a clean muscle up on a bar – one of my lifetime goals!

- Tatham J.

I joined EP because I was looking for a gym that was more of a community than a bank of treadmills lined up in front of TV’s. I wanted small group sessions, attention to form and technique and a fun inviting atmosphere, I was so pleased to find all of these things and more at EP. Through their levelled approach they have helped me increase my range of motion, correct form and improve my technique in the gym so I could lift more weight and challenge myself while minimizing risk of injury. One of my goals over the past year has been to be able to do a chin up and I was thrilled when I was finally able to lift my chin over the bar unassisted. I love finding fun in strength and movement and EP is the perfect place to find that balance. I have now set my sights on doing a full handstand!

- Marisa M.

I’ve never been a fan of going to gyms but EP felt different from the start. It is a safe place filled with people who are interested in improving themselves in a healthy way, a place to build connection and confidence in your body. Before joining EP I did not feel connected to my body but now I feel like my body and have a language.. Whether it’s climbing up a mountain or being able to perform a physically demanding fight scene on set we can accomplish so much together!

Performing my own stunts or fight scenes on Film & TV was the top goal at the start, now it is to continuously cultivate a healthy relationship with my body.I feel my healthiest and strongest, I love my body in a way I never have before. I’m gentle and forgiving with myself and it has translated to all aspects of my life. EP is the place I go to re-charge and feel good.

- Luvia P.

EP will make you strong again, period. I signed up with pain and injuries, not expecting I would be able to commit long term but by week three, the difference in everyday life was telling. I began to notice new control and freedom in my movements – it was like being back in my body at nineteen again. My favourite accomplishment was managing my first-ever headstand in my yoga class, something I had always wanted to do, but couldn’t. My new strength was boundless! I am not a committed gym-goer and can usually develop a brilliant excuse to pass on gym-night, but EP makes it easy. You don’t just get a gym, you get a fabulous community. I rave about EP to everyone I know. My final words – your body will love you!

- Catherine H.

Working out with Enhanced Performance has changed the way I view the gym. They have given me expert instruction on lifts that I was unsure of how to do myself and taught me a whole new way of thinking about working out. I see real progress in my body now, not just aesthetic. When I started I could barely touch my hands to my shins and after a single month my flexibility and mobility increased substantially and now I can reach the floor with ease. After a few months my body is now stronger and more confident when do all sorts of activities.

- Bradley B.

Attending what I like to call “PE Classes” with EP is one of the best personal health decisions I made in my life. Instructors arrive with a lesson plan, short and long term objectives, and seem to have already considered how the class will enhance my personal performance. Each practise is a cognitive and physical challenge. Last time my body gained this many new abilities was as a teenager going through puberty!

- Kaan W.

On any given day I’d rather run around a forest than go inside a gym. I joined EP as a last resort to dealing with chronic knee pain that was keeping me off the mountains and on the couch. I was immediately impressed by the coaches’ deliberate and thoughtful approach. A few months of dedicated training, and trusting in the EP approach and I was pain free. And now, couple of years of having fun at the gym, while training for good living, gave me the strength and the confidence to attempt mountain traverses that would have been out of reach before. One of these was completing El Camino de Santiago in Spain!

- Sara P.

Years of aerobic exercise had left me feeling weak and struggling to recover from injuries. Although I had tried to develop strength by going to ‘The Gym’ I found it to be an intimidating environment, never sure if my form was correct and struggling to maintain a regular routine.

EP came highly recommended for their relaxed, hands on, technique first approach which really appealed to me. Classes are small, with individual feedback which really makes for a personalized training rather than group workouts. Dedicated and detailed trainers make EP an education in strength training and body movement. This is much more precise than just pumping out another workout!

After 3-4 months of training I am excited to be feeling stronger and more resilient than ever before. I look forward to each class and leave tired, but motivated to come back for more!

- Stewart S.

I started training at EP just over 1 year ago with the goal of gaining a little more resilient to injury, but I got a whole lot more. The strength I gained allowed me to enjoy some local mountain bike racing, move big rocks around my property to build trails and lug around newly felled trees around the yard. My goals are simple- to be independent and strong as I age.

The team at EP put a lot of work into programming their classes. This is obvious to me for
two reasons: I’ve never been injured and I always feel ready for the next progression. Their
instruction is clear and concise and there is a healthy dose of humour in the air.

- Sherri Leigh I.

I have a myriad of physical injuries as a result of my career in the Armed Forces. I have seen various health care practitioners and physical fitness experts over the years and have had varying results. I was concerned that the team at EP would be added to the list; however, their approach to rehab, fitness and training has been revolutionary. I have achieved career related fitness goals and been able to overcome many physical challenges. At EP I’m treated like a member of a family as opposed to merely a client. This has made a positive difference in my life.

- Abdul M.

As part of recovering from a full knee replacement I needed to focus on strength training. Along with this I had concerns about the many compensations I developed over the years before surgery. I had the desire to return to being the athletic person that I am but was concerned about injury and how to progress safely. EP offered a Functional Movement Screen to identify my strengths and weaknesses and this served as a great start point in developing my personalized program. I feel good knowing that I’m building up strength in a careful and deliberate way and am feeling confident and powerful. I’m excited to be relearning movement through the functional exercises given to me by EP and feel I have a clear understanding of what my body needs to return to the body I want to have after a very challenging surgery. Thank you, EP for your expertise and enthusiasm. This part of my recovery has become so exciting!

- Ruth R.