Meet Lynne LaPorte

Certified Trainer, Yoga Instructor and Health Coach


Meet Lynne Laporte, former Age Group National Team member, Varsity Cross Country Athlete and converted BC Mountain Biker and Yoga enthusiast. For Lynne, training and moving her body has always been a part of who she is and how she interacts with the world. She believes that those who move and play, learn skills beyond the gym that translate to happiness and personal connectedness.

My journey towards becoming a strength coach started upon completing high school and moving to the city. All my classmates were heading off to university and I seemed to be the only one without a plan. Instead, I found a local triathlon club and quickly immersed myself in a sport that would take up the better part of a decade and carve out a lifelong journey. Through high performance sport I found my passion for learning the science behind the human body, and this propelled me into a Bachelor of Sport Sciences. I enrolled at the University of Manitoba and began my journey toward academic and sporting excellence.

Athletics consumed me, I did everything from varsity cross country running and track and field, to National level triathlon races and road and mountain biking events. I loved it and was very driven, but along with many successes I endured some major heartaches too. Losing big races, burdening self criticism, a relentless pursuit for validation thru sports and a long list of injuries that eventually crippled my racing career. Along the way, I lost sight of what it meant to be athletic and strong.

I now know that it’s these life experiences that drove me to become the strength coach I am today and seek to learn from the industry’s best, blending a research-based methodology with a personal-journey philosophy.

I now proudly call BC my home and boast that it’s my favourite playground ever. I am humbled by its beauty and attuned to its never-ending call for fun and adventure. My passion is helping people answer this call while remaining balanced and healthy. Whether you are trying something for the first time, returning from injury or just wanting to move with more ease and confidence, a positive physical and mental approach toward any adventure you choose is always rooted into my training sessions.

I believe that a body that moves from a place of strength; resiliency and flexibility have implications far beyond the gym. When we create a healthy internal environment we build the desire to create and manifest a healthy external environment. This concept is at the core of every one of my sessions by balancing scientifically-based programming with mindful awareness of one’s body and mind, as well as this great landscape.