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By the time he was 15, Cian qualified to represent his country of Ireland at the 2002 youth Olympics for road cycling. The event was being held in Paris, France and Cian decided, before leaving home, that he was determined to see the Eiffel Tower. So once arrived, with a map of the city and Instructions for the Metro from his dad, he prepared to set off for his journey. Word having gotten out to the rest of the Irish team, suddenly a contingency including everyone from his cycling mates to the entire cycling confederacy of Ireland wanted to come along. True to who Cian is today he confidently led them all through the streets and Metro stations of Paris and eventually led his entire team to the Eiffel Tower. On account of this exceptional leadership, the day ended with the Irish Olympic Committee awarding Cian to bear the Irish flag at the opening ceremonies. This story sums up Cian Lanigan beautifully: a man who is humble, curious, and fearlessly in pursuit of his goals! Read more.


Lynne is a former Age Group National Team member, Varsity Cross Country Athlete and converted BC Mountain Biker and Yoga enthusiast. For Lynne, training and moving her body has always been a part of who she is and how she interacts with the world. She believes that those who move and play, learn skills beyond the gym that translate to happiness and personal connectedness. Read more. 


Born and raised in North Vancouver, Caitlin grew up with a love of the outdoors and a drive for seeking out opportunities that stimulate growth in both the body and the mind.  

Caitlin’s curiosity and love of learning led her to studying Biology and Math during her BSc. at UBC and has been teaching math and sciences for the past 6 years.  Caitlin loves the challenges that teaching brings in finding creative ways to communicate complex ideas and this serves her in the  coaching arena  as well.  

Exercise and movement have always been a part of Caitlin’s life and her experience recovering from multiple injuries and surgeries from years of high level sport instilled in her a strong belief in the importance of teaching our bodies to move well, even and especially after injury.

As a new member of the Enhanced Performance team, Caitlin is excited to deepen her understanding of strength and movement and bridge her love of learning and problem solving into her coaching at EP.

(BSc. Cell Biology and Genetics, minor in Mathematics; canfitpro Personal Training Specialist)


Bio coming soon.