Frequently Asked Questions
How do i get started?

Try a complimentary Level 1 Class to check out the gym and get a better understanding of what our training system is all about. After that, we recommend our 6 week starter special.

If you are coming to us looking for private training, then start by booking your initial assessment.

What level of fitness should I have before joining?
Every level of fitness is appropriate for joining Enhanced Performance, there’s no need to ‘’train’’ to get ready for our classes as our levelled training system will meet all levels of fitness and health. Level 1 will make sure you move well, helping bridge the gap between clinician based intervention and performance based training.
How often should I train?
We recommend committing to at least 2x/week for effectiveness in adaptation and progression with 3x/week being the gold standard. In addition to training in the gym 2-3 times per week we recommend that our members rounds out there training by doing 1 long duration easy cardio activity (eg a hike) per week. This complements the training you will be doing in the gym.
How long are the classes?
Each class is 60 minutes in length.
How long do the levels take?
On average, the Level 1 Class takes 3-6 weeks. From there, the Level 2 may take anywhere from 3-12 months, Level 3 could take your up to a year, while level 4 may take several years. Anyone reaching our Level 5 Class would stay there and move around the levels for life!
What are your group sizes?
Our Level 1 Class is limited to four people for more attention at the beginning stages. The remainder of our classes are limited to six people.
How early should I arrive, what should I do when I arrive?
We ask all of our clients to arrive a minimum of 10 minutes early. We encourage clients to use this time to do the movement correctives they’ve been given, foam roll and generally prepare for the session by tuning out of technology and the day’s events.
What is your cancellation policy?
  • Classes: can be cancelled up to 3 hours before the class start time.
  • Appointments: must be cancelled with 24hrs notice.
  • Monthly memberships: require 1 month’s notice to be cancelled or put on hold.
  • Yearly membership: can be put on a ‘freeze’ for clients needing a month or more away from the gym. Complete cancellation is only available should a client have extenuating circumstances that prevent them from coming to the gym.
How can I pay?

Clients with ongoing memberships pay using Electronic Funds Transfers – these are automated payments to your chequing account.

One-time appointments can be paid for using the same method or can use a Credit Card for a minimal processing fee.

Can I exercise while pregnant?
Yes. We have expert coaches that understand the changes the body goes through while pregnant and can make modifications at the class-based level. We also offer movement therapy should that be the preferable option.
Do you have showers?

We do not have showers. We have two very large bathrooms and towel service.