About Us


Being fit means different things to different people. For some it’s living the BC life, snowboarding and mountain biking in the same day, never tiring of fresh air and fresh tracks. For others it’s the ability to keep up to a busy and demanding schedule with energy left at the end of the day to enjoy the life they work for. And for some it’s seeking to build a positive relationship of trust and confidence with their body.

Regardless of how you view fitness and where you wish to see yourself on that continuum, having a place to go to that provides a positive and motivating environment is vital to successfully reaching your goals.  It’s our experience that the changes that come from the gym have a compounding positive effect in people’s everyday lives. With this in mind we aim to make the gym a place that promotes growth and confidence as well as strength.

“We developed this system by borrowing the belting system from martial arts and combining it with our knowledge of sports science and combined coaching experience.”

This has led to our core philosophy and served as a guide to building our very own training system.We developed this system by borrowing the concept of the belting system in martial arts and combined our in-depth knowledge of sports science and coaching experience to develop our unique seven tiered training system. Each level encompasses its own philosophy, technique standards, strength benchmarks and conditioning recommendations that guide your journey from novice to expert.

Rooted in this philosophy is the belief that the gym is a place to practice and improve, not to compete. We love getting after it and training hard too, but at a fundamental level we don’t approach the gym as a sport or place of competition, rather as a place where we work to better ourselves. Progressing our strengths is part of that, as is exploring and facing our weaknesses and learning to overcome ego and doubt. We feel these built-in philosophies promote qualities of confidence, agility and grace, serving as our copilot no matter what we face outside the gym.

Our personal and ongoing journey is to achieve more than an exterior makeover, to be enamored with learning about the body and to seek a happier and more connected self through quality in movement, a strong body and a conscious mind. We want to empower you to explore your own journey, whether you’re an athlete or a nine to fiver. Having healthy joints, a strong body and the ability to endure will help you live with more energy and less pain so you can thrive in whatever it is you do.