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A Unique Training System

We aim to make the gym a place that promotes growth and confidence as well as strength.

Whole Body Health

Combining a progressive curriculum of exercises and techniques, our training system is like nothing you’ve seen before.

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Whether you hike, run, shred, launch, rip, climb or paddle, our training system will enable you to squeeze every last drop of fun out of your adventures for many years to come.”

We begin by laying the foundation for strength by restoring the body’s healthy movement and joint range of motion. Then we build strength and stamina, propelling you further and further toward your fitness goals in every level. Our training system has specific standards that will transform your body.

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We believe that the gym is a place to practice and improve, not to compete. It’s where we work to better ourselves.


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Our results speak for themselves.

“Most importantly, I feel strong. This has permeated all aspects of my life.”

Brad B.

“Meticulous approach to movement correction–EP are truly experts in this field.”

Marisa M.

“This work has been extremely well thought out and catered to my individual needs.”

Catherine H.